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Mon Mar 9 19:32:37 UTC 2009
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Hi David,

Glad I could help. And when I initially did the syncing, they didn't have
rsync available.

As far as updates go, it was every day for a while, I was doing it by hand
to get a feel for things.  Then bigger things happened, and since I didn't
really announce I had done it, I had no traffic. So I just kinda stopped for
a while.  I was maybe 4-5 months out of date when I synced up late last
week, and about the only changes were to the kernels, open office and a few
small packages. I've added a cron job that will check once a day, This
should be more than sufficient based on their release schedule.

On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 1:48 PM, David Diffenbaugh <davediff at nbcs.rutgers.edu
> wrote:

> Rob,
> Thanks again for the mirror. I'm in the process of running the initial
> rsync right now and I am getting excellent speeds. You mentioned that you
> were using wget to mirror from debuginfo.centos.org. I recently learned
> that they do offer rsync but you must specify
> debuginfo.centos.org::centos-debuginfo. Maybe this will help you automate
> the mirroring process. I was also wondering how often you update your
> mirror against debuginfo.centos.org.
> Dave
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