[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS mirror in Bulgaria

Ivan Stamov ivan at stamov.net
Sat May 2 16:09:31 UTC 2009

Dear all,

We would like to announce a new mirror in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is 
available via HTTP and rsync. The initial sync is completed and the 
details are as following:

HTTP URL: http://mirror.centos.bg
FTP: n/a
RSYNC: rsync://centos.bg/mirror
Update Frequency: Every 6 hours (0:45h, 6:45h, 12:45h and 18:45h)
Upstream mirror: rsync://mirrors.nl.kernel.org/centos/
Versions: All
Architectures: All
DVD: yes
Server Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Bandwidth available: 40 Mbps
Contact email: mirror at centos.bg
Contact Person: Ivan Stamov
Sponsoring Organization: Megalan Network Ltd.
Sponsor URL: https://www.megalan.bg

Thank you!

Best regards,

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