[CentOS-mirror] new mirror: ftp.linux.org.tr (Turkey)

Gokdeniz Karadag gokdeniz.karadag at linux.org.tr
Thu May 7 00:29:44 UTC 2009


We have been mirroring centos for a long time, but were not in the lists.

The URLs are:

We are syncing once a day from the same IP. We are located in Ankara, Turkey at
the end of a 1Gbps link, but link utilization varies.

Our sponsors are "Turkish Linux User's Association" and "National Academic
Network and Information Center" If possible can the listing include both links
? If not possible, the first will suffice.
Linux Kullanicilari Dernegi [http://www.linux.org.tr/ ]
ULAKBIM [http://www.ulakbim.gov.tr/]

contact address for this mirror is: ftp at linux.org.tr
The address is also subscribed to centos-mirror list.

Gokdeniz Karadag

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