[CentOS-mirror] push based mirroring

Manuel Wolfshant ftpadmin at lug.ro
Thu May 14 11:17:10 UTC 2009

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Something I posted on the blog, and I'd appreciate comments from this 
> list about:
> --------------------------------------------------
> Has anyone given though to doing mirror updates via a 'push' rather than 
> a 'pull' mechanism ?
> Basically, when new packages are available the machines that get updates 
> would do a rsync to the machines down the order, pushing the updates 
> out. It would allow us to get more updates, out faster and also not need 
> to waste cpu and i/o on repeated rsyncs that dont need to be run.
> Yes, we could/would/should still leave in place some mechanism for 
> people to setup new mirrors and also to do pull based rsync's as and 
> when they need.
> Just something to think about at the moment, and comments would be very 
> welcome.
    The idea itself is nice, but some mirrors need to do the "pull" at 
specific moments in time.
    For instance on the mirrors I take care of we have interceded the 
downloads from several well known repos with high-traffic, such as 
debian / ubuntu / fedora / centos / opensuse. Overlapping downloads 
would max out our bandwidth and trigger the ISPs bw limiters. We've done 
that once and I do not want to repeat the experience... one of our 
hosters lowered the bw after that and kept the lower limit in place for 
two weeks even after we lowered the bw consumption. And this hurt, 
pretty bad actually.


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