[CentOS-mirror] centos-mirror-announce list

Gokdeniz Karadag gokdeniz.karadag at linux.org.tr
Thu May 14 12:16:53 UTC 2009


I believe a centos-mirror-announce list would solve some of the issues.
People interested in providing help can continue to follow centos-mirrors(c-m)
list, wheras those who want to be informed of only important updates can follow
c-m-announce list. The status quo can continue for new mirrors/status updates
in c-m list.

As a suggestion, Fedora's mirror management sytem is great, it gives the mirror
administrators control over all aspects of the mirror from a web interface.
You can consider switching to it, if there is enough manpower.

- Gokdeniz Karadag

Karanbir Singh demis ki::
> hi,
> This has now been raised a few times, and I think its important to talk 
> about : request for an centos-mirror-announce list, so mirror admins can 
> only monitor that.
> I think its important to not have an announce only list for the mirrors, 
> and have a place like this list so issues important to the mirror admins 
> can be discussed here. Things like how we might make changes to the 
> mirror structures etc.
>  From my side of things there are 2 types of noise on this list :
> 1- people requesting new mirror additions and changes to status for 
> those mirrors.
> 2- people running non-public mirrors using this list for chatter.
> Tru, Ralph and I were talking about (1) yesterday and we can perhaps 
> reduce that process to a webform. I am not sure what can be done about 
> (2). Do we even want to do anything about it ?
> Or, is there enough interest in having a -announce only list ?
> - KB

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