[CentOS-mirror] IPv6 mirror

Yuan-Chung Hsiao ychsiao at mail.stu.edu.tw
Fri May 15 18:27:13 UTC 2009

Shu-Te University(Taiwan) ftp had ipv4 & v6 service
ftp.stu.edu.tw 2001:e10:c41:eeee::3


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Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) has been operating one for a long time.

linux.mirrors.es.net has IPv6 address 2001:400:201:6::35


--On May 14, 2009 9:50:06 PM -0500 Kevin Stange <kevin at steadfast.net> wrote:

> noc at its.cz wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>> As we established our pure IPv6 link we found there are almost no IPv6
>> accessible CentOS mirrors and no IPv6 update repositories. Correct me if
>> I’m wrong.
> Steadfast Networks' mirror has been IPv6 enabled for a couple months
> now.  mirror.steadfast.net has an AAAA record pointing to 2607:f128::3.

Roberto R. Morelli
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