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Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Fri Nov 13 20:52:08 UTC 2009

On 11/13/2009 08:34 PM, Nick Olsen wrote:
> As I understand, You just had to be a public mirror. I don't know about
> the whole 100Mb/s deal.
> But really, what does it matter?
> Even if you sync from a tier 1, you still get the dvd's, just a little
> bit later. And chances are there is a tier 1 closer to you then a tier0
> in mysnc, Thus would most likely be faster.

There is actually quite a lot of complexity around the DVD images at the 
moment - some required, some artificial. However, we are going to be 
having a good old bash around with ideas in the next few days and start 
looking at how we can better do this.

What I expect is going to happen ( Tru and Ralph are more authoritative 
on this issue ) - is that we are going to come up with a few options 
that work for us best, and then put them on this list and see what and 
how everyone feels about those - the aim being to not have restrictions 
on who can get what, however retain focus on getting content out there, 
real quick and reliably.

Couple of things that we want to do is make sure we cut out the 'user' 
traffic from the tier0 msync machines and focus on feeding the public 
mirrors as a priority. And have a different target that users can pull 
from, so their traffic does not impact the tier0->1->2 mirrors

Expect more on this soon ( next week or so )

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