[CentOS-mirror] mirroring DVD

Ralph Angenendt ralph.angenendt at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 17:50:26 UTC 2009

Am 13.11.09 21:52, schrieb Karanbir Singh:

> What I expect is going to happen ( Tru and Ralph are more authoritative 
> on this issue ) - is that we are going to come up with a few options 
> that work for us best, and then put them on this list and see what and 
> how everyone feels about those - the aim being to not have restrictions 
> on who can get what, however retain focus on getting content out there, 
> real quick and reliably.
> Couple of things that we want to do is make sure we cut out the 'user' 
> traffic from the tier0 msync machines and focus on feeding the public 
> mirrors as a priority. And have a different target that users can pull 
> from, so their traffic does not impact the tier0->1->2 mirrors

As I have been saying quite a few times over the last weeks: We have
added several new machines to the DVD msync, but a) wanted to get out
5.4 first and b) need to see if we have enough machines to satisfy
everyone on here - syncing the DVDs isn't a real problem *except* in
times of release. It's not that they change afterwards :)

So yes, we need to see if we have enough machines or if we close at
least the msync machines for the general public - then offering DVDs
shouldn't be a problem, but we would need ACLs for *everybody* syncing

So yes, there still are a few things which need discussion :)



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