[CentOS-mirror] hardlink policy in central mirror

Pär Andersson paran at nsc.liu.se
Thu Nov 26 21:00:25 UTC 2009

João Carlos Mendes Luís <jonny at jonny.eng.br> writes:

>     I've already noticed that almost 30G of data is saved on CentOS 
> mirrors (only counting release 4/5, i386 and x86_64 archs), just by 
> using hardlinks for similar packages.


>   Another 300 files, 79Mbytes could be saved.  Not as much as what is 
> already saved, but some (38) of these files are RPMs, so it makes me 
> wonder if the hardlink process is not automatic at all, and who should I 
> contact in such cases, if not this list.

Could somebody on the CentOS mirror team please comment on this?

I also wonder why no hardlink script is run on the CentOS master
mirrors. I run a script periodically on our mirror, and as João says
this saves a significant amount of disk space.

If this were done on the master mirrors it would save bandwidth while
mirrors are syncing. Especially when a new minor release is rolled out,
as several RPMs in the new release is identical to the old one. This of
course only works if everybody runs rsync with -H.

Kind regards,

Pär Andersson
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