[CentOS-mirror] Master mirror with DVD?

Wed Oct 7 00:57:31 UTC 2009
Jon Lewis <jlewis at lewis.org>

On Tue, 6 Oct 2009, Ralph Angenendt wrote:

>> "Last updated with msync-dvd.centos.org"
>> But when I rsync from msync-dvd.centos.org::CentOS I still don't get DVD
>> images. What am I doing wrong?
> Your IP isn't listed as allowed. See my last mail.

It seems there are multiple "msync-dvd.centos.org" systems (not multiple A 
records, but different A records given out to different hosts changing 
rather frequently), some of which lack the ACL for DVD access.  I've been 
interested in carrying the DVD ISOs on our public mirror for a while. 
After reading the previous message in this thread, I thought I'd finally 
found how to get the DVD ISOs.  I verified they were there with rsync 
msync-dvd.centos.org::CentOS-incdvd/.  Then I decided to do a comparison 
with rsync -van just to make sure nothing unexpected would happen if I 
changed our rsync script.  When I ran the -van, the host we were hitting 
changed, and suddenly there was no CentOS-incdvd module on the rsync 

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