[CentOS-mirror] Releases & Mirrors not able to sync with the master pool

Wed Oct 14 03:43:45 UTC 2009
Roberto R. Morelli <morelli at es.net>

If interested, you can pick the mirror from our site ESnet ( 
http://linux.mirrors.es.net) which mirrors directly with Centos master and 
also has access to I2.


--On October 13, 2009 11:37:37 PM -0400 "Mathew S. McCarrell" 
<mccarrms at gmail.com> wrote:

> So, I have a few questions about the future of the CentOS mirror network
> since the release of 5.4 is soon.
> Is there any possibility that the rsync master pool will eventually have a
> direct link to the Internet2 Network?  If not, is there any way for a
> mirror (like mirror.clarkson.edu) to avoid the delay in syncing new releases
> like 5.4 prior to the bitflip?
> I'm asking this because the Clarkson mirror was unable to sync the release
> of 4.8 prior to the bitflip occurring since we are forced to sync with a
> mirror that is on the Internet2 Network.  I would prefer to avoid delays in
> being able to serve new releases, if possible.
> Thanks for any help you can provide,
> Matt
> PS - It appears that someone (taylorvang2199) has posted something similar
> to an advertisement on the bottom of the CentOS Mirroring HowTo page. 
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