[CentOS-mirror] msync-dvd.centos.org: Connection refused

Fri Oct 16 10:29:24 UTC 2009
Kasparek Tomas <kasparek at fit.vutbr.cz>

On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 12:12:41PM +0200, Tru Huynh wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 11:19:18AM +0200, Kasparek Tomas wrote:
> > Last few days I'm get:
> > 
> > rsync: failed to connect to msync-dvd.centos.org: Connection refused (111)
> > rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(107) [receiver=2.6.8]
> > 
> Which ip/hostname do you have in the banner page?

g3,h3,j3 seems OK. As I got connection refused, I don't know the machine
which is not working.

BTW the rsync command is:

rsync -rlptzHv --delete --bwlimit=4000 msync-dvd.centos.org::CentOS-incdvd

> > time to time (1-2x/day) when trying to sync merlin.fit.vutbr.cz with
> > master. Is there something wrong or just overloaded server dropping
> > connections?
> the acl is lising as allowed for the dvd target, so
> it could be a deceased xinetd again on the centos.org machine.

yes, that's right merlin.fit.vutbr.cz with



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