[CentOS-mirror] New mirror

Fri Oct 23 20:53:00 UTC 2009
J.H. <warthog9 at kernel.org>

To anyone interested, seriously, go try / check out 
http://boot.kernel.org - it's got the latest Centos 5.4 in it and all of 
that jazz.  Pravin and I are always keen on feedback and so far it's 
been fast and useful to me.

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley

Nick Olsen wrote:
> I wouldn't mind having just a net-install iso.
> I'm lucky enough to have a decent connection at home, Atleast for around 
> here, of about 30/5
> And my second mirror at work is on symmetrical 100mb fiber. So booting 
> from a small iso, and http or ftp'ing all the stuff needed is fast.
> And here at home on gigabit, Net-install is faster then the dvd.
> I've done a base 5.3 install in like 1 minute (once it starts copying).
> On 10/23/2009 3:53 PM, J.H. wrote:
>> Jeff Sheltren wrote:
>>> On Oct 23, 2009, at 10:22 AM, Nick Olsen wrote:
>>>> Never Thought of that....
>>>> I guess your right.
>>>> Don't really see why ISO's shouldn't be carried though.
>>> Disk space.
>>> Some people (I won't name names, *cough* warthog *cough*) might argue
>>> that having ISO images is simply a replication of the packages we're
>>> already carrying on the mirror and that there should be a better way
>>> to handle stuff so that mirrors don't end up with multiple copies of
>>> what is essentially the same data.
>> I'm trying my best to kill those stupid ISO images - I mean I've got
>> boot.kernel.org and I've done several installs / upgrades that way
>> (including Centos I might add!), and as a general goal I want to
>> eliminate as many needs to burn a cd for a task as I can.
>> That said I realize that I'm "not normal" and at best 5 years ahead of
>> the big curve.  Many people's internet connections are not as good as
>> mine, and it's only 16mbps down / 2mbps up.  Compare that to some of the
>> other places on the planet with 10mbps symetric to 1000mbps symetric and
>> mine pales.
>> I have no real expectation however that we will get rid of the ISOs
>> anytime soon.  I would *LOVE* if we could drop the CD ISOs completely
>> from everything, but there's apparently a major backlash every time that
>> happens (Fedora's done it a couple of times now).  I'm kinda hoping that
>> with boot.kernel.org and the DVD ISOs we might be able to finally kill
>> the CD ISO itself off and save all of that space and eliminate that from
>> the possible working set of data.  Just my $0.02 though.
>> - John 'Warthog9' Hawley
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