[CentOS-mirror] Proposel - jigdo for iso Images

Thu Oct 29 20:33:43 UTC 2009
Uwe Kiewel <ml at kiewel-online.ch>

Tru Huynh schrieb:
> On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 02:59:22PM -0400, Nick Olsen wrote:
>> Addition of jigdo yes. Replace ISO's no.
>> Educating joe sixpack on using something new, well I like to use 
>> altercation avoidance.
> please no top posting ;)
> There was a thread about jidgo in the archives and it boiled down to:
> - someone has to maintain the jidgo package in the CentOS tree
> (how would a CentOS user for C3/4/5 use jidgo?)
> - document it in the wiki (how to use, at least)
> - someone needs to make it work from the current setup
> - how much burden will it put on the mirrors? centos.org ones and public ones?
> (I have no experience on using it)
> - no one volonteered.
> - one more thing to check for the QA release process.
> back to you :)

Ok. Understood.

It was just an idea because Fedora do it successfuly since Fedora 6 and 
Debian do so as well.