[CentOS-mirror] question about the mirror list

Thu Oct 29 23:34:14 UTC 2009
Emil Pedersen <archive at ftp.sunet.se>

--On torsdag, oktober 29, 2009 23.50.35 +0100 Tru Huynh 
<tru at centos.org> wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 08:35:40PM +0100, Emil Pedersen wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I just checked our mirror in the mirror list at
>>     http://www.centos.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=31
>> and found that it says DVD:no.  A bit surprised I checked, and it
>> seems we do carry the dvd image for the latest release(s) but not
>> for (some of) the older ones.  Is this the reason the the "no"?
> Not really, it's a fixed parameter when mirror are registering.
> Initially, it was intended for mirror having the proper ACLs
> to reach the dvd target on centos.org machines.
> I am adding the dvd info for your sunet.se mirror.
> Probably someone manually added the dvd.iso?
> Best regards and thank you for your support.
> Tru

Hi Tru, thanks for getting back to me!

I dug a little further, and actually I think it's quite the
contrary (in our end that is) -- it seems the dvd images were
_supposed_ to be excluded but who made so didn't get the exclude

We don't seem to be too low on disk space right now so I can't
say why the images was (tried) to  be excluded.  I'll ask around
and if it turns out we have to get rid of them I'll let you know.

// Emil