[CentOS-mirror] Proposel - jigdo for iso Images

Fri Oct 30 14:56:35 UTC 2009
Emil <archive at ftp.sunet.se>

Seems this didn't get through, sorry if its a dup...


>> - Speaking to the apache module that auto-generates the iso on the
>> fly:
>> any mirror of any reasonable size will shoot this down in a
>> heartbeat. We already have an I/O problem on the systems, ram
>> issues, etc. Adding
>> something into apache that's going to thrash about and magically
>> generate this as it's requested is *WORSE* than the wasted disk
>> space. Again send_file() is your friend.

Possibly, perhaps even probably.

It would very likely use (a lot?) more CPU, but your working set
would be smaller.  So depending on how smart/memmory effective
you could get the generation, you might be able to a lot higher
cache hit rate, which would reduce the I/O problem.

One similar idea that might work is using loop mounted iso, if
the io layer is smart enough (I have no idea whatever it is or

All depending on your setup of course, and where your bottleneck

> I agree with the apache module not being feasable... On top of the
> fact you have additional resource usage from it you are making a huge
> assumtion that the mirror is running apache.

Thats why I wrote
  Or even better (for those running linux at least) - do it in
  the VFS layer.  That way other services like rsync would benefit
  from it too.