[CentOS-mirror] update of openssh-server i386 4.3p2-36.el5, dependencies

zagiatakrapovic at gmx.ch zagiatakrapovic at gmx.ch
Fri Sep 25 13:19:30 UTC 2009

Any ideas why there is such a dependency hell?
It's a server host, I don't need any GTK stuff etc. 

> yum install openssh-*


Dependencies Resolved

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size 
 openssh-askpass         i386       4.3p2-36.el5     updates            39 k
 openssh                 i386       4.3p2-36.el5     updates           286 k
 openssh-clients         i386       4.3p2-36.el5     updates           447 k
 openssh-server          i386       4.3p2-36.el5     updates           268 k
 openssl                 i686       0.9.8e-12.el5    updates           1.4 M
Installing for dependencies:
 atk                     i386       1.12.2-1.fc6     base              222 k
 cairo                   i386       1.2.4-5.el5      base              394 k
 cups-libs               i386       1:1.3.7-8.el5_3.6  updates           193 k
 fipscheck               i386       1.0.3-1.el5      base               11 k
 fontconfig              i386       2.4.1-7.el5      base              174 k
 freetype                i386       2.2.1-21.el5_3   updates           310 k
 gnutls                  i386       1.4.1-3.el5_3.5  updates           348 k
 gtk2                    i386       2.10.4-20.el5    base              6.5 M
 hicolor-icon-theme      noarch     0.9-2.1          base               25 k
 libX11                  i386       1.0.3-9.el5      base              795 k
 libXau                  i386       1.0.1-3.1        base               18 k
 libXcursor              i386       1.1.7-1.1        base               32 k
 libXdmcp                i386       1.0.1-2.1        base               19 k
 libXext                 i386       1.0.1-2.1        base               35 k
 libXfixes               i386       4.0.1-2.1        base               14 k
 libXft                  i386       2.1.10-1.1       base               44 k
 libXi                   i386       1.0.1-3.1        base               25 k
 libXinerama             i386       1.0.1-2.1        base              9.7 k
 libXrandr               i386       1.1.1-3.1        base               15 k
 libXrender              i386       0.9.1-3.1        base               27 k
 libjpeg                 i386       6b-37            base              139 k
 libpng                  i386       2:1.2.10-7.1.el5_3.2  updates           241 k
 libtiff                 i386       3.8.2-7.el5_3.4  updates           306 k
 pango                   i386       1.14.9-5.el5.centos  updates           335 k
 xorg-x11-filesystem     noarch     7.1-2.fc6        base              5.4 k

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