[CentOS-mirror] Average mirror traffic

Paul Stewart pstewart at nexicomgroup.net
Fri Sep 25 23:00:47 UTC 2009

We are doing about 35Mb/s of traffic on our CentOS box here... account
for about 5Mb/s of other traffic.  Yes, we run Apache and the box
experiences approximately 0.05 load on average.


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Am 25.09.09 20:08, schrieb Marten Lehmann:

> Now I'm in doubt wether I should make our own mirror public or not.
> The first and main issue are the bandwidth costs. Can you give an 
> estimate on how much traffic a typical European/German mirror
> per month?


This is a german mirror, offering rsync, http and ftp, all isos
including DVD. The lack of traffic you can see in July was a config
problem :)

> The second issue is, that some kiddies might try to attack and hack
> mirror to inject changed packages. Do you have statistics on this?
> FTP daemon do you recommend for a hardened anonymous-FTP only service?

I use vsftpd with anonymous access only - and anonymous can only read.

> Btw.: What do I have to change in the yum config on each server to use

> one specific repository server and not the mirrorlist system? Do I
> have comment the mirrorlist line and uncomment the baseurl?

Yes, as the yum.conf manual page explains in length :)

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