[CentOS-mirror] Average mirror traffic

Mon Sep 28 15:26:46 UTC 2009
Jim Kusznir <jkusznir at gmail.com>

There are supposed to be many ways of restricting your throughput; you
can just configure your mirror to cap your output at 10Mbps, for
example.  This at least is doable with iptables, if not at a "higher"
level.  I know some ftp daemons provide easy support for that, I don't
know about web servers...

Personally, people can download all they want from my mirror....

Ahh, isn't University bandwidth great?  :)


On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 7:38 AM, Marten Lehmann <lehmann at cnm.de> wrote:
> Hello,
>> We are doing about 35Mb/s of traffic on our CentOS box here...
> that's definetely too much for us. We are really interested to be a
> CentOS mirror, but we cannot efford more than 10MBit average bandwidth
> for CentOS per month.
> Is it possible to define in which ratio a mirror shall be listed for
> updates and downloads?
> And is it possible to delist a mirror until the end of a month if the
> traffic has been too much for this certain month (e.g. due to a
> openoffice update)?
> Regards
> Marten
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