[CentOS-mirror] POLL: DVDs and access lists ...

Voll, Toivo toivo at usf.edu
Wed Apr 7 15:21:50 UTC 2010

Well, we (ftp.usf.edu) pull via IPv6 when we can, but offer services via IPv4 if that counts. (And we do and want to continue to carry the DVDs.)

Toivo Voll
University of South Florida
Information Technology Communications

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Hi all you mirror people out there,

today I'd like to present a small poll to you, a questionnaire if you like.

a) Which mirror does *NOT* want to carry the DVD isos?
b) Who of you pull with machines where the IP address is different from
   the host from where you offer the mirror? Which IP address pulls for
   which mirror if your addresses differ?

Please only answer if you do *NOT* want to carry the DVD isos or when
you have different IPs for pulling and offering.

We're doing a bit ressource planning at the moment :)


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