[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror Up at http://mirror.pnl.gov/centos

^PNNL Public Software Mirror mirror at pnl.gov
Sat Apr 17 02:14:52 UTC 2010

New mirror online at http://mirror.pnl.gov/centos (HTTP only):

Location: Richland, Washington, USA  (Approx. 46.348145 N, 119.278029 W)
Network: ESnet and Pacific Northwest GigaPOP
Per-download Speed Limit: None
Bandwidth Limit: 10 Gbit/sec Ethernet, 9000-byte MTU Jumbo Frame capable
OS: Centos 5.4 (back end Apache 2.2.3), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 (Varnish front-end cache)
Uptime: 24/7
Sync Schedule: 32 2,8,14 (0232, 0832, and 1432 Pacific Time)
Sponsor: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (http://www.pnl.gov)

Note: Syncing with us-msync.centos.org::CentOS by rsync as, 
      even though the public reaches mirror.pnl.gov at

Bill Nickless

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