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Daghan Uzgur - DGN Teknoloji daghan at dgn.net.tr
Mon Apr 26 08:18:36 UTC 2010

Our provider (Turk Telekom)'s euro links better than Asia. I know provider
has PoPs in Frankfurt (Germany ), Londra (UK),  Amsterdam (Netherlands).
Also you can check the link above and hold a view about our geographic
position :)


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Am 25.04.10 20:35, schrieb Daghan Uzgur - DGN Teknoloji:
> Hi,
> We've set up a new mirror and ready for usage. I'm contact for this

Question: How is your network connection into Asia? How is your connection
into Europe? Which continent is Bursa in? I'm asking because it would be
great if we could "point" your mirror into Asia, as we have more mirrors in
Europe than we have there.

My geographical knowledge isn't that great, though >:)


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