[CentOS-mirror] A CentOS mirror in Latvia

Leo Truksans leot at linux.edu.lv
Tue Aug 3 03:49:12 EDT 2010

Hello, everybody!

A CentOS mirror in Latvia has been up for some time. The URL is 
http://centos.linux.edu.lv. It's located at the University of Latvia. 
Hardware is a ProLiant server with a total of 4TB RAID groups, network 
connections: 1Gb/s to Latvian ISPs, 100Mb/s international. It's 
synchonizing 4 times a day from the eu-msync.centos.org::CentOS.
Please add this mirror to the list of mirrors for Latvia and to the yum 
mirrorlist (if it's not the same).
For now I use the baseurl in /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo to update 
my CentOS-es from the local mirror. It would be great if the automatic 
(and default) mirrorlist would provide Latvian systems with the local 
mirror, too.
Leo Trukšāns
Latvijas Universitātes Datorikas fakultātes lektors
Linux Centra vadītājs
Cisco Tīklu akadēmijas instruktors

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