[CentOS-mirror] Very Slow Mirror

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Tue Aug 24 06:59:37 EDT 2010


On 08/23/2010 10:53 PM, Graham Frank wrote:
> I've checked from a few datacenters to make sure it wasn't any
> particular location, but mirrors.bluehost.com appears to be limited to
> 10KB/s.  Yum's "fastest-mirrors" keeps selecting this for a handful of
> servers making yum very slow.  The issue has been present for at last
> the past several days.  I imagine I'm not the only one with this
> issue?

Can you do some tests from your network to theirs and see if there is a 
bottleneck somewhere enroute ?

> They don't show up in the main mirror list, but they show up in 'ok'
> status on the mirror status page.

I can fairly easily plumb in a scheduled regular tests that would check 
b/w rates from various places. However, the question then would be : 
what is a reasonable acceptable[1] performance test.

If we can come up with a test that is considered acceptable, we can then 
move to adding a metric from there into the mirrorlist generation to 
make sure that slower mirrors are used more infrequently.

The caveat here being that even through a machine might only be 10mbps, 
because its used more infrequently - it might give its 2 simultaneous 
users a better / faster experience than the 100mbps machine can to its 
500 simultaneous users.

Thoughts ?

- KB

[1]: acceptable to the mirror admins. I dont think they would like it 
much if we were to pull a 600M iso every 6 hours as a speed test.

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