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Mon Dec 13 20:33:19 UTC 2010
Huib Laurens <sterkebak at gmail.com>


Our hosting company in the Netherlands would like to become a mirror on a
dedicated server we aren't using anymore that way it doesn't just stand
there useless.

But we have a few questions before we start and I hope you can help us out:

When we run:

rsync -aqzH --delete msync.centos.org::CentOS /path/to/local/mirror/root

we will mirror everything from Centos even version 2 and 3 and thats kind of
old and takes up lots of disc space nobody uses.

I'm wondering two things:
How much disc space will it cost to mirror everything with the above

Is there a way to only mirror Centos 5 and 4 (and 6 wen it will be released)
and how much space will that take?

Bandwith is not a problem, but I need to place a HD in the server and every
project we going to mirror starting with Centos will have his own drive so I
need to know some numbers.

Huib "Abigor" Laurens

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