[CentOS-mirror] Mirror setup.

Ryan // avalonsys.eu ryan at avalonsys.eu
Tue Feb 23 10:50:49 UTC 2010



We've been syncing for a few days now to make sure everything is running
smoothly, so our public mirror is now available. Details can be found below.


Country: Germany, Europe.
Company: Avalon Sys LTD.
Company Website: http://avalonsys.eu/

Versions: All.

Architecture: All.


HTTP: http://mirror.avalonsys.eu/centos/

RSYNC: rsync://mirror.avalonsys.eu/mirror/centos/

Sync: Every 6 hours. We'll also be syncing the DVD images from kernel.org
starting later today.

Network: 100MBIT committed, we're able to commit more if necessary.

Server: CentOS 5 x64.




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