[CentOS-mirror] Please remove from mirror list: mirrors.bigtennetwork.com/CentOS

Ralph Angenendt ralph.angenendt at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 21:41:35 UTC 2010

Am 21.01.10 21:06, schrieb Scott Adametz:
> Due to an inordinate amount of Chinese based traffic from only a handful
> of IP addresses (over 145 TB transferred to just *12* IP addresses in
> only 15 days since we started hosting the mirror) we are forced to cease
> our participation in the CentOS mirror project. 

I put your mirror down as "DISABLED", in case you want to reconsider :)

> In our research before deciding to offer our support we were told to
> expect a sustained 3-5 Mbit/s of mirror traffic.  In reality, and from
> only a handful of IPs, we regularly push over 200Mbit/s on our 300Mbit/s
> line.  Each of the abusive IPs downloads the same DVD iso files over and
> over thousands of times.  We have tried blocking the abusive IPs only to
> see another IP with a sequentially increased last octet take its place. 
> Whether this is an outright attack or just an unfortunate coincidence
> matters not. 

I'd like to keep the discussion up, though. Where does the traffic come
from exactly? Can that be nailed down to a company or whatever?

> Regretfully, I must ask that we be delisted from the mirror list asap. 
> Once our links are down, we will shut down the server.  
> At some point in the future we may decide to participate again but for
> now, we cannot justify the inordinate bandwidth use. 

Thank you for supporting CentOS and I'm sorry that this has happened
(and seems to continue to happen).

No idea why that happened to you, the mirror I maintain seems fine, the
general CentOS mirrors too - I guess we would have heard from sponsors.

I know we already had this discussion (or at least a similar one)
before, do these people still have those problems?



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