[CentOS-mirror] Added rsync access to Asheville, NC, USA Mirror, and increased sync time.

Douglas A. Kuntz douglas.kuntz at jellyfishnetworks.com
Sat Jan 23 01:22:30 UTC 2010


We have added rsync access to centos.mirror.netriplex.com with the following URL:

We have also increased our sync time to every 3 hours, to ensure that we are up to date.

As we're on an unmetered 1gbit connection (to over a network uplink of over 20gbit), please feel free to use us as a mirror sync source.  We're actually trying to max out the gigabit link.

Thank you.

Douglas A. Kuntz | Manager
Complex Applications & Systems
Netriplex, LLC
P: 828-650-8528 | C: 828-280-1395 | W: Netriplex.com

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