[CentOS-mirror] new http mirror in Azerbaijan.

Anar Agayarov anar at uptime.az
Wed Jun 9 03:04:59 EDT 2010

http http://centos.mirror.uptime.az  is available now. please follow up.
Thank you.

rsync server: msync.centos.org::CentOS
synchronize: every 6 hours.
mirror: http://centos.mirror.uptime.az
city: Baku
country(Region): Azerbaijan
bandwidth: 100Mbps for world, 1Gbps for Azerbaijan
sponsoring organization: Uptime.az LLC
link to sponsoring organization: http://www.uptime.az
preferred contact email: info at uptime.az

Anar A.Agayarov
Director of Uptime.az LLC

anar at uptime.az
+(994 50) 755 4345
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