[CentOS-mirror] New mirror mirrors.arsc.edu

Wed Jun 2 13:20:03 UTC 2010
Greg Newby <newby at arsc.edu>

I see our new mirror listed here,

...but it lists HTTP only.  We also offer FTP.  I'm adding the DVDs now.

  -- Greg

> We have been running this mirror for awhile, but I never
> sent this email asking to become "official."
> Question: how do I get DVD isos?  We had been mirroring
> from .anl.gov and had them.  Now we're mirroring from centos.org
> and the DVD isos are gone.  We seem to have the CD isos.
> Here are our details:
> Organization name: Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
> Location: Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
> http://mirrors.arsc.edu/centos/
> ftp://mirrors.arsc.edu/centos/
> Mirroring 4X daily from msync.centos.org
> Site bandwidth is OC12
> I am the contact for this mirror.
>   -- Greg
> Dr. Gregory Newby, Chief Scientist of the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
> Univ of Alaska Fairbanks-909 Koyukuk Dr-PO Box 756020-Fairbanks-AK 99775-6020
> e: newby AT arsc.edu v: 907-450-8663 f: 907-450-8603 w: www.arsc.edu/~newby