[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror: CentOS at idREPO

Sun Jun 13 19:02:54 UTC 2010
Toekang Sienkron <syncmaster at idrepo.or.id>

helo centos admins,

idREPO wants to provide a CentOS mirror and here are the details:

Administrative Info:
Country (Region): Asia
State (Area): Indonesia, ID
Location: DKI Jakarta, Indonesia, ID
Organization Name and Sponsor: idREPO, Indonesian FOSS Repository
Contact: info at idrepo.or.id

Technical Info:
Public URL (HTTP): http://centos.idrepo.or.id/
Versions: All
Architectures: All
Direct DVD Downloads: Yes
Services: HTTP*
Bandwidth: 100 MBps for Indonesian Exchange Points, 10 MBps for
International Access
Sync Schedule: 4 times a day (every 6 hours)

* recently we provide HTTP services only. later we also want
  to provide HTTP+FTP+RSYNC services.

feel free to confirm if idREPO CentOS mirror was setup propperly. any
information you can provide to us would be greatly appreciated.
and we can't wait any longer to see idREPO listed on CentOS mirror list.

kind regards,

Toekang Sienkron