[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror Request

Tue Mar 16 22:49:51 UTC 2010
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>

Am 16.03.10 10:56, schrieb Nyamul Hassan:
> Agreed.  But, will "yum install" work if we do not have content in those
> folders?

Yes. There is only *ONE* version 5 at all times. At the moment it is 5.4.

> What about the ISOs?  Running the "--delete" deletes the ISOs as well.
>  Is there way to keep the ISOs inspite of using this flag?

You do not need anything below 5.x (where x is the most current release).

> Will omitting the "--delete" flag make our server unsuitable to become a
> public mirror?

No, but you don't need all that cruft. 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 aren't seeing any
updates anymore anyway.