[CentOS-mirror] POLL: DVDs and access lists ...

Fri Mar 26 06:12:36 UTC 2010
Silio d' Angelo <dangelo at gno.uniroma2.it>

the mirror at http://centos.fis.uniroma2.it
a) wants top carry DVD isos
b) is serviced by a TruCluster so it pulls from one of but offers from any of such
IP addresses

                                 Silio ( dangelo at gno.uniRoma2.it )

On Thu, 25 Mar 2010, Ralph Angenendt wrote:

> Hi all you mirror people out there,
> today I'd like to present a small poll to you, a questionnaire if you like.
> a) Which mirror does *NOT* want to carry the DVD isos?
> b) Who of you pull with machines where the IP address is different from
>    the host from where you offer the mirror? Which IP address pulls for
>    which mirror if your addresses differ?
> Please only answer if you do *NOT* want to carry the DVD isos or when
> you have different IPs for pulling and offering.
> We're doing a bit ressource planning at the moment :)
> Thanks,
> Ralph
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