[CentOS-mirror] POLL: DVDs and access lists ...

Tue Mar 30 22:22:36 UTC 2010
Shaun Ewing <s.ewing at aussiehq.com.au>

On 26/03/10 8:42 AM, "Ralph Angenendt" <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com> wrote:

> a) Which mirror does *NOT* want to carry the DVD isos?

We do, albeit not officially.

We manually grab the DVD ISOs from another mirror that has them (thanks
AARnet) when a new release is available.

> b) Who of you pull with machines where the IP address is different from
>    the host from where you offer the mirror? Which IP address pulls for
>    which mirror if your addresses differ?


The IP address that our machine pulls from is
The IP address of our mirror is

While in the current setup we can easily change the rsync command to pull
using (it's the same machine), we're looking at putting the
mirrors in a HA configuration behind a pair of load balancers.

In this case the mirror IP would be a VIP on the load balancer, and the
machine pulling the content would be on a different IP.


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