[CentOS-mirror] DVD-access

Morten-Christian Bernson mcb at uib.no
Thu May 13 22:51:31 UTC 2010

We would like to do our mirroring from the master-servers, and also have 
access to the dvd's.  Our mirror (centos.uib.no) is on gigabit internet, 
and is open to the public (and has been for some time).  It is not good 
enough that we have to sync from other mirrors that might not be 
reliable, and stuff keeps getting downloaded and removed this way.

So, please add our IP to the access list for dvd-syncing, 
and send me the info on which rsync-server to use for the syncs.  We 
would like to get this done as quickly as possible to get the 5.5 down 
and ready for download.

Yours sincerly,
Morten-Christian Bernson
System Administrator, University of Bergen

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