[CentOS-mirror] Issue with mirror.lihnidos.org

Damjan Sirnik damjan at sirnik.si
Wed May 19 19:52:56 UTC 2010


I see that our mirror, mirror.lihnidos.org is listed as not having time file (no time) at http://mirror-status.centos.org
10 days ago, we have implented IPv6 in our network and from that day on, mirror.lihnidos.org is on dual stack.
Because of matching date of showing >no time< and our IPv6 implementation, I speculate that this >no time< issue must be in some relation with our IPv6 implementation.
Does anybody know why this happens? IPv6 firewall is configured to allow HTTP trafic.
Also, can anybody check if he is able to reach our mirror via IPv6.

Here are mirror data:
URL: http://mirror.lihnidos.org/CentOS  (has both A and AAAA records).
IPv6 Address: 2001:15c0:6626:19::2b
IPv4 Address:

Thank you,
Damjan Sirnik
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