[CentOS-mirror] IRC meeting regarding new mirroring system for CentOS

Wed Nov 10 01:22:10 UTC 2010
Randy McAnally <rsm at fast-serv.com>

> Regarding this, I would like to question the need for such manual 
> configuration. centos.eecs.wsu.edu is your mirror, right? Without 
> any configuration, MirrorBrain would send you all requests from 
> clients out of (if there isn't any mirror in the same 
> network of course). If a client is not in that particular network, 
> but within AS10430, it would still get sent to your mirror -- if 
> there is no other mirror in that autonomous system. Would there be a 
> second mirror in your autonomous system? That's the question. If not,
>  everything would happen automatically anyway. No need to juggle 
> lists of network prefixes. (And no need to make such configuration 
> accessible, which could result in a security issue after all, if not 
> handled carefully.)
> So far, I didn't encounter a case where clients are outside the 
> network prefix of a mirror, but within the same AS, and there is a 
> second mirror in that AS -- so there was no need to add a way to 
> specify network prefixes at all.

We have two mirrors in our AS, which has several IP ranges split across two
datacenters over 2000 miles apart.  Being able to specify a CIDR for each
mirror would be nice since there's no guarantee an AS lookup alone is going to
get it right.. but I suppose as long as BOTH mirrors are returned on a mirror
list, the fastest mirror plug in could easily choose the correct mirror.