[CentOS-mirror] ISO DVDs

Tue Nov 16 18:40:26 UTC 2010
Nyamul Hassan <nyamul at gmail.com>

On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 21:52, J.H. <warthog9 at kernel.org> wrote:

> >     > rsync -vaH --numeric-ids --filter='include */' --filter='include
> >     *DVD*iso'
> >     > --filter='include *torrent' --filter='exclude *' --progress
> >     > mirrors3.kernel.org::centos /mnt/tera2/centos
> As an addendum to the line provided here:
> mirrors1: Located in the United States
> mirrors2: Located in the United States
> mirrors3: Located in Amsterdam, NL
> mirrors4: Located in Umea, SE
> Choose the one closest to you if your using rsync, otherwise just using
> mirrors.kernel.org will likely do the right thing.
> For the record we already provide full rsync access and we provide the
> DVD isos, is there any particular reason to not just do your full sync
> from one of the kernel.org boxes?
> - John 'Warthog9' Hawley

Thank you for pointing this out John.  We are located in Bangladesh,
connected to the SE-ME-WE4, and our next hop on that submarine cable is with
French Telecom in Marseilles.  Usually, mirrors.nl.kernel.org gives the best

Thank you once again.

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