[CentOS-mirror] Yet another Romanian mirror...

Matt D. Harris mdh at sykotik.org
Fri Sep 3 19:53:50 EDT 2010

Howdy, folks...

I'm currently only able to mirror 5.5 without ISOs due to disk space 
constraints on my mirror server, but it's public, and offers good 
connectivity inside of Romania.

Locale: Bucharest, Romania
HTTP via http://mirrors.sykotik.org/pub/centos/
FTP via ftp://mirrors.sykotik.org/pub/centos/

We've got 1gbit to ilink in Bucharest, who has very good uncapped 
connectivity inside of Romania, but we're capped at about 10mbit for 
international traffic.

Sponsoring organization is sykotik.org, and I'll get you guys a banner 
once we have one.

Thanks, Matt

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