[CentOS-mirror] Use of centos-mirror-announce list

Wed Sep 22 19:13:09 UTC 2010
Adam.A.Wenner at frb.gov <Adam.A.Wenner at frb.gov>


While I believe that the centos-mirror mailing list offers extremely 
valuable support to people running public mirrors, for those of us that 
run private mirrors, it seems that many of the discussions are 
less-than-relevant.  It would be useful if we could get some 
announcement-only information (new release updates, expiration of old 
versions from anywhere but vault, and such) posted to a different mailing 
list, so that we can cut through some of the noise and just get 
information relevant to announcement and mirror updates.

I noticed there is a centos-mirror-announce list that seems to serve this 
purpose, but there have been no posts on it since February. 
Is there any way to have just announcement-related messages use the 
centos-mirror-announce list, or is there a different list that should be 

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