[CentOS-mirror] Terrible .edu mirror performance

Sat Sep 25 10:33:04 UTC 2010
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 09/25/2010 03:45 AM, Bangladeshi CentOS Mirror Maintainer 
> Hello All
> I support Randy M, my mirror is mirrors.bd-servers.net has multiple
> address, that's not the issue, issue is the machine itself update any
> rpm via yum, it always choose .au mirrors!
> Other box in same subnet, also choose most  of the time .au mirror. So
> I have to change the yum.conf of all CentOS box to use
> mirrors.bd-servers.net. More funny thing is from mirror access log, I
> found most of request is coming from India, Pakistan, Nepal etc. Few
> Bangladeshi IP also shows up, but it is too low in numbers. I think
> the problem is on fastmirror plugin.

the fastestmirror code is very simple, take a look and see what you 
might think is causing the issue.

>> From my country we have 3 gateway   One is Seabone, Italy (EU), Other
> is Singapore where few high speed mirror running, those mirrors are
> connected with Singapore National IX and the 3rd and most traffic pass
> through Tata Communication, India.
> I asked few friend of India to check the mirror, result: most of time
> about 4 out of 5 found mirrors.bd-servers.net as their list.

Thats expected, the mirrorlist will use geo-neighbour in the hostlist to 
workout places 'geographically close' to the yum client pulling.

> We might have to do something about this issue.

Like what ?

- KB