[CentOS-mirror] Ideas on steering yum to local mirrors

Sun Sep 26 23:48:19 UTC 2010
Randy McAnally <rsm at fast-serv.com>

That was going to be my next question.  How far out is the possibility of
choosing mirror(s) (at least part of the random 10) from the same ASN as the
clients?  I'd be willing to help/contribute to impliment this on the mirror
server side... last thing I want to do is proxy/hijack the mirror server traffic.

Randy M.

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> On 26/09/10 23:42, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> > Am 26.09.10 20:52, schrieb Randy McAnally:
> >> I have never seen our own mirrors show up in more than 1 of the 4 repos
at any
> >> given time.  In the case of DNS/Proxy hijacking, does this mean we would have
> >> to return ONLY our mirrors, or do I just make sure they are part of the 10
> >> random mirrors?
> > Note that I am not officially recommending DNS hijacking, as I think
> > that it is rather nasty towards your users - and only really works if
> > all your users use your name servers for DNS resolution.
> >
> > Having said that: I'd just return your mirrors, if you can handle the load.
> >
> > There are other mirroring systems which can also act on a BGP or simple
> > CIDR level, maybe it is time to take a look at those.
> >
> > Ralph
> If there are systems capable of using BGP then why is everyone using 
> Geoip?...
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