[CentOS-mirror] Ideas on steering yum to local mirrors

Wed Sep 29 16:26:10 UTC 2010
Randy McAnally <rsm at fast-serv.com>

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Subject: Re: [CentOS-mirror] Ideas on steering yum to local mirrors

> > If we want to move from current system, then ASN based system to
> > determine closest mirror might work.Though It also have pro & cons. So
> > my suggestion is to work with current system  and find out where is
> > the problem so that the problem can be fixed.
> The problem is that we can *only* do GeoIP. The granularity of that
> isn't fine enough at times (see above or other examples in this
> thread).

Maybe we return more than 10 mirrors in certain cases where many mirrors are
close by?

The problem is that, by randomly choosing 10 mirrors within X distance our own
mirrors are not always returned.  

Many times mirrors 1000 miles away will win election because our own are not
in the list.

I can be pretty sure that if our mirrors are anywhere in the list, yum would
elect them.