[CentOS-mirror] Missing (?) mirror?

Tue Apr 26 10:17:04 UTC 2011
Jaroslaw Zachwieja <grok at warwick.ac.uk>

 Dear CentOS-mirror Admins,

 The mirror service at the Centre for Scientific Computing at Warwick 
 has mirrored CentOS for donkey's years but I don't believe we are an 
 official mirror.

 We are already a TIER-1 mirror for UK with openSUSE and would like to 
 do the same for CentOS.

 I'm not entirely sure, but I do believe that anorien.csc.warwick.ac.uk 
 used to be an official CentOS mirror in the past but I don't recall why 
 it's not any more.

 We're serving via:

 The machine is connected via a 1Gbps link to ja.net (AS786) and uses 
 fast, fibre-channel disk. Rsync from msync.centos.org::CentOS/ runs 
 every 4h.

 At present, we're mirroring 4 and 5 trees, will 6 as well when ready.

 Perhaps something can be done about it. Apologies if this is not the 
 right place for this question.

 Best regards,
 Jaroslaw Zachwieja
 Centre for Scientific Computing, University of Warwick, UK