[CentOS-mirror] Syncing

Wed Apr 6 13:13:02 UTC 2011
Nick Olsen <Nick at 141networks.com>

Agreed, I would much rather have msync-dvd access, But I've always been 
told that's not going to happen, Or at least not till after the release 
of 6.0 and they can take a good hard look at the mirroring infrastructure.

Adam, Thanks for the script. So far its working perfect. Even gives me 
good output like what msync mirror I'm pulling from so I can dump it to 
a log file or something.

On 4/6/2011 8:59 AM, Adam wrote:
> Nick Olsen wrote:
>> Anyone have a script handy that will rsync from us-msync then pull the
>> dvd's from another mirror. Currently, we are just downstream of another
>> mirror, But would like to sync from msync.
> Attached is a copy of a locking shell script that I am using to pull 
> just DVDs from a downstream mirror then pull the rest from 
> "us-msync.centos.org".
> Hope this is helpful.
> Adam