[CentOS-mirror] 5.6 is coming closer

Wed Apr 6 19:21:07 UTC 2011
Claire M. Connelly <cmc at math.hmc.edu>

"PS" == Paul Stewart <pstewart at nexicomgroup.net>


    PS> Could someone please explain the "bit flips" ?  Sorry, I
    PS> haven't taken any time to understand this .. is it just a
    PS> matter of the correct rsync command switches?

    PS> In our rsync crontab we have:

    PS> # CENTOS Mirror 01 * * * * www-data /usr/bin/rsync -rtlzv
    PS> --delete rsync://mirror.steadfast.net/centos/ /var/centos/

You should be using the -p flag to preserve permissions, which
will change the permissions over when they're changed upstream.
(We use 

   -vaH ${EXCLUDES} --numeric-ids \
   --delay-updates \
   --delete --delete-after

the -a flag includes -rlptgoD; -H preserves hard links, which is
-also desirable.)

Some distros (like Fedora) do the staging behind a restricted
directory and then ask mirrors to do the bitflip at a particular
time by changing the permissions by hand or with a cron or at job,
but CentOS appears to be propagating the bitflip through the
mirror network instead.


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