[CentOS-mirror] IPv6 Mirroring

Mon Aug 1 19:16:30 UTC 2011
Kevin Stange <kevin at steadfast.net>

Karabir suggested we start getting together a list of steps that need
completion to deliver an IPv6-preferenced or IPv6-only list of mirrors
for IPv6-only clients using CentOS.  Here's what I've got so far.  Feel
free to add to it:

Steps are in order of priority:

- Establish at least two authoritative name servers for centos.org with
v6 IPs.
- Determine if centos.org registrar supports v6 glue, transfer to a
registrar that supports it if needed, then add the glue.
- Augment the current mirror database with a field for IPv6 support and
IPv4 support, filling in IPv4 as enabled for all existing mirrors.
- Build a list of centos mirrors which have AAAA records and/or consult
with mirror admins to identify the mirrors which are prepared to provide
preferred IPv6 connectivity to IPv6 clients.
- Prepare a separate monitoring system for IPv6 content to confirm that
mirrors are serving the content correctly over both v4 and v6.
- Modify the mirror list on mirrorlist.centos.org to provide IPv6
mirrors with a higher priority than IPv4 mirrors when the client
accesses it via its AAAA address rather than A.
- Add AAAA for mirrorlist.centos.org


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