[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror: mirror.ancl.hawaii.edu

Tue Aug 2 21:16:02 UTC 2011
Jeff Fisher <jeff at lfchosting.com>

> This works only so long as CentOS uses http instead of https to
> distribute the mirror list, and so long as yum ignores the https
> origins of the certificates.  Fedora switched to using https a few
> releases back.  I don't recall if yum does https cert checking yet
> though...

Exactly why I said it wasn't perfect but until the state of CentOS 
mirroring improves -- it's about all we can do.

I'm a long time CentOS user but fairly new to actually following the 
CentOS project. Who has the power to actually get the ball rolling on 
using MirrorManager/MirrorBrain or at least move the discussion ahead?