[CentOS-mirror] [CentOS-devel] irc meeting today re: 5.6/6.0

Sat Jan 15 18:04:38 UTC 2011
Jeff Sheltren <jeff at osuosl.org>

On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 9:03 AM, Zeb Palmer <zeb at zebpalmer.com> wrote:
> You may also consider doing what I believe has been done on this project
> once or twice before. (maybe it was a different project, its been a while)
> When the iso is ready, put the torrent(s) out with only a 95% seed. I can
> seed 20Mbs  24/365 and as shown already, many of us have this kind of
> bandwidth to share. If 5.6 and 6 are done at the same time get 5.6 on the
> mirror and start seeding 6, doing this would encourage people to use the
> torrent to get it as early as possible and since it can't 100% done yet,
> many would end up seeding longer than usual waiting for the other 5%. This
> would take a lot of load off the mirrors and when you are happy with the
> mirrors, release the other 5% of the seed and put the isos on the mirrors.

Perhaps this whole conversation is better suited to the centos-mirrors
list.  I'm cross-posting there in hopes of moving any further mirror
discussions off of -devel.

Personally, I think the mirror infrastructure in place is more than
sufficient for releases and there's no need to complicate things with
seeding torrents (full or partial) before the official release on the

Do people have problems with slow downloads just after a centos
release?  I can say our mirrors have always had plenty of bandwidth to
spare during a centos release.