[CentOS-mirror] New UK Mirror

Tue Jan 18 12:52:55 UTC 2011
Anthony Somerset <anthony at ellogroup.com>

We like to advertise a new UK mirror for centos, currently syncing from the
master server every 6 hours (with a locking cron script) and fully up to
date as of this morning.

we are making available all versions of centos and ISO's via HTTP,FTP and


this server is on a 100MB connection in SOTA in Kent, England. and at this
stage we are not planning on limiting connections

the mirror sponsor is ello group (http://ellogroup.com) and the Primary
Contacts are either myself(anthony at ellogroup.com) or Olorin Henderson (
contact at ellogroup.com)

please feel free to fire any further questions my way if needed

Kind Regards

Anthony Somerset
CTO ello group
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